A crow has been calling for a whole day 一只乌鸦叫了一整天

Liu Yi [CN]

Animation and video installation



Commissioned by 3rd Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale


November 2015 I went to India, India came back the whole year, after traveling back to the time of radiation can disappear. Hangzhou look back, the boundaries of local boundaries have disappeared, perhaps at the moment and another city-related, and their own bodies. The flow of images, there is a latent time is very full of imagination, animation is part of the psychological changes into visual presentations, it is a very long painting, painting as a potential clue, and painting part is Tile things down after image erase time.

Crow is a very special impression of India, everywhere, there are numerous, they are not afraid of people, not afraid of cars, full of magic quack sound resounded through the whole city, with the distance between death and erosion on the streets of India lying down Of the people have a kind of spirit, seems to have a kind of unparalleled survival posture, to the night is that they patronize the poor people of the nightmare.

In Hindi, yesterday and tomorrow are the same words.

Time does not move forward. When all the riverside people understand the time with the river, they burn the body here, incarnate as gray, return to the eternal life, they will finish drinking the clay cup on the offal, fell to the ground into dust, they use Banana leaf to dress food, with short flowers to worship the rock …

Time beyond the spatial partition, the survival of the different regions of the city, natural state, normal, social potential development. Whether it is to capture the dynamic memory or memory of the scene of the theater, have become our common life theater.







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