Lu Chuan 卢川

Born in 1992 in Ganzhou of Jiangxi Province and majored in Arts Management and Culture Creative Design Industry (MFA), Lu Chuan graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Art Institute of Xiamen University in 2016. Having founded the Axis Art Project in Xiamen in 2015, Lu Chuan organized its very first project in June of the same year, a contemporary art group exhibition entitled The Possibility of an Island. Also in the same year, she contributed as a curatorial assistant for the Jimei X Arles International Photo Festival. In 2016, her project The Amoy Meat Factory (Axis Art Project) was selected by the Emerging Curators project of PSA in Shanghai.

卢川,1992年生于江西赣州,2016年毕业于厦门大学艺术学院美术系,修读文化创意设计产业研究和艺术管理专业。2015年于厦门参与成立轴艺术项目小组,2015年6月策划轴艺术项目第一回— “一座岛屿的可能性”当代艺术群展。2015年担任“集美X 阿尔勒”国际摄影节策展助理。2016年《厦门肉食公司》(轴艺术项目小组)入选上海当代艺术博物馆青年策展人项目优胜项目。