GIF-ing: Michael Green 麦克·格林

An Interview in GIFs 在GIF动画中的一个采访

“An Interview in GIFs” came to fruition from a visual interview in 2014 with the sparkling water corporation Perrier, where the artists are asked to answer their questions in the GIF format. Although the work itself is pretty effortless for the viewer to interpret, this conceptual way of working with digital imagery has shaped & influenced some of my newer works.












Michael Green (b.1980) is an internet artist who uses the computer as a tool to voice his inner~aesthetics though various mediums (3D animation, GIFs, music video, VR, 360 video, etc.) often working outside any classification of “genre” (“New Media”, “Conceptual”, “Post~Internet”, etc.) Intuitional shapeshifting is central towards the dictation of the comprehensive themes of Michael Green’s work (post~humanism, critique of American culture, identity, modern life, capitalism, A.I., online persona, hyperreality, eBay, nihilism, cyber/human body modelling, PIXAR, futurism, alienation, metamodernism, internet, perils of technology, deconstructionism, gender, faceswaps, etc. )

Solo exhibitions include Digital Sweat Gallery, Internet (2015), Xhurch, Portland, Or (2015) Felt Zine, Internet (2016). Group Exhibitions include 35A MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL Le 6B Paris, France (2014), HOMEOSTASIS LAB Internet (2015), DATA PARADE Rhinoceropolis Denver, CO (2016), STIMULATION OVERLOAD 2 Superchief Gallery, SOHO New York (2016), PRINT SCREEN FESTIVAL Holon Cinematheque Holon, Israel (2016)


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