Curated by Liao Wenfeng

In 2012, the verb “GIF” was selected as Oxford Dictionaries USA word of the year. Ever since its birth in 1987, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) was once the most popular graphics format online and a common tool for artists to produce online works. As GIF is integrated into the use of social media in recent years, it has reemerged itself as the one of the most used and prevalent graphics formats online.

The proliferation of GIF began in mid-1990s when the Internet became public, its “democratic nature” and easy-to-use functionality attracted many users. During this period of massive propagation, every new user potentially brought in elements that enabled GIF to stay fresh. Given this background, it would be very difficult for us to limit our discussion on the innovation of this medium merely within the realm of the art world.

As the online project of the 3rd Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale, GIF-ing will examine the features of GIF as a medium and its relationship with image medium from the pre-film era (before 1895). By showing individual artist’s continued use of this medium, this project will demonstrate and explore the possibilities of this medium. It will also discuss the means of proliferation for GIF apart from the Internet as well as how GIF finds its way into our public space, everyday life and artistic context through other ways of materializations.

2012,“GIF”作为动词入选牛津词典的美国年度词汇GIF(Graphics Interchange Format, 图形交换格式1987年诞生后一度成为网上最流行的图像格式与艺术家在线创作的工具。近年随着社群媒体分享功能对GIF格式的开放,GIF动图(Animated GIF)重新成为互联网上被使用和传播最广的图像格式之一。



Participating Artists 参展艺术家:

Anthony Antonellis 安东尼•安东涅利斯

Carl Burton 卡尔·波顿

Dina Kelberman 迪娜·凯尔博曼

Erdal Inci 艾达尔·英奇

Faith Holland 菲夫·贺兰德

James Kerr 詹姆斯·科尔

John Karel 约翰·卡瑞尔

Liao Wenfeng 廖文峰

Liu Min 刘旻

Manuel Fernández 曼奈尔·费南德斯

Michael Green 麦克·格林

Rollin Leonard 罗林·莱纳尔德

Thoka Maer 托卡·迈尔

Wu Junyong 吴俊勇

Zack Dougherty 扎克·多尔蒂


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