Liu Yi 刘毅

Born in 1990 in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China in 2009 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts High School, in 2012 graduated from the China Academy of Fine Arts School of Intermedia Art bachelor’s degree in 2016 graduated from the China Academy of Fine Arts Master’s degree. Currently lives in Hangzhou. “Early Chinese art films and experimental animation” is her main research direction, she has created the “Origin of Species “, “Choas theory ” “A Travel Inward “, “Into The Void,” “A Crow has Calling Holl Day ” and other experiments animation, she is widely used installation, painting, sculpture, text and other forms of attempts to find the most accurate way to pass.

1990年出生于浙江宁波,2009年毕业于中国美院附中, 2012年毕业于中国美院跨媒体艺术学院获学士学位,2016 年毕业于中国美院获硕士学位。目前在杭州生活。 “中国早期美术电影与实验动画”是她的主要的研究方向, 先后创作了《天演论》《混沌记》《度口》《身寄虚空》《一 只乌鸦叫了一整天》等实验动画,她广泛采用了装置、绘画、 雕塑、文本等形式尝试去寻找最为准确的传递方式。


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