OCT-LOFT, located in the former Eastern Industrial Zone of Shenzhen OCT, lies in the northeast of OCT, east of Qiaocheng East Road, north of Qiaoxiang Road, whose former stationing enterprises were mostly introduced in the 1980s as “custom manufacturing (with materials, designs or samples supplied by clients) and compensation” industrial enterprises. The park covers an area of approximately 150,000 square meters, with gross floor area of 200,000 square meters, divided into northern and southern areas. Since the second half of 2004, OCT-ers who are full of creative spirits, creatively put forward the idea of transforming the industrial zone into LOFT creative industrial park, according to the architectural characteristics of the plant as well as cultural and creative industries policy guidelines from the government. Through turning the old plant into the creative industrial studio, introduce various types of creative industries, such as design, photography, animation creation, education and training, arts and other industries as well as some related industries with innovative features like concept restaurants, lounges, stores and cafe. Through these transformations, preserve the architectural form and historical traces of the old plant, while derive more energetic and vigorous industrial economy.


In January 2005, OCT Contemporary Art Center stationed in the South District of LOFT; In December 2005, the First Shenzhen Urbanism \ Architecture Biennale was held in LOFT; In May 2006, OCT-LOFT was officially launched. The South District of OCT-LOFT has introduced the studio of famous Hong Kong designer Gao Wen’an & Liang Jinghua, International Youth Hostel with century-old cultures, design and creative industry brand enterprise Urbanus, Hongbo animation design base, and OCT International Media & Performance Company totaling about 40 creative, design and cultural institutions.

2007年起,基于创意文化园南区的成功运作经验,华侨城启动了北区项目改造升级计划。北区定位是以创意设计为主的潮流前沿地带,作为艺术创作的交易、展示平台,融合“创意、设计、艺术”于一身的创意产业基地。北区还启动了3000平方米的艺术大众共享平台,聚集了又一批涉及多个领域的前卫、先锋、创意、设计商家,如欧洲著名的家具品牌Vitra、汇集中外人文艺术书籍和复古黑胶唱片的旧天堂音乐书店、关注世界各地女性时尚创意生活和网罗世界各国女性艺术大家作品的《Little thing 恋物志》杂志官方概念店Little thing shop以及弘扬禅茶之道的岩陶等优质商家。2011年5月14日,华侨城创意文化园实现整体开园。

Since 2007, based on the successful operation experiences of the South District of LOFT, OCT launched the upgrading program of the North District project. North District, positioned as creative design oriented trend frontier zone, also a trading and exhibition platform for artistic creations, is a creative industry base integrating creativity, design, and art. The North District also launched a artistic public sharing platform of 3000 square meters, gathering another group of avant-garde, pioneering, creative and design businesses involving several sectors; e.g., the famous furniture brand in Europe – Vitra, Old Paradise Music Bookstore pooling Chinese and foreign arts and humanities books and retro vinyl records, Little Thing Shop — official concept store of Little Thing Magazine collecting women’s fashion & creative lives all over the world and pooling works of female artists worldwide, Teaston promoting the way of Zen tea, and other high quality businesses. On May 14, 2011, OCT-LOFT was fully open to the public.


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