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The 3rd Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale

Opening date: December 2nd, 2016

Exhibition duration: December 2nd, 2016 – March 2nd, 2017

Venue: C2 Space, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China | Artron Art Center, Cai Tian Lu, Futian District,  Shenzhen, China
地址:深圳市南山区华侨城创意园 C2空间 | 深圳市福田区彩田路 雅昌艺术中心

Organizer: OCT LOFT, Shenzhen

Co-Organizer: Artron Art Center

Produced by H&H Arts Culture Co., Ltd

Supported by CenturyDream, Ginkgo Space, videotage, Fantoche, Le Fresnoy, The One Minutes, Cherry and Martin, HONGRI Professional Lighting, Pro Helvetia, Beijing Commune, ShanghART Gallery, STPI

Thanks to: Kelly Wang, Uli Sigg, Dillion Zhang, Wan Jie



New media art production partner:Shanghai HeLu Culture Communication Co.,Ltd

时间/无间 Time Based, Non-Places



Time-Based Art refers to film, video and animation, which form sequence using single screen image and flow in one single time-based direction. The issues of within time and in between time arise after the introduction of digital media in which time can be reversed or a particular period can be selected randomly and merged with other spots of time. This on site feature attempts to discuss the intersubjectivity of virtual space as well as the correlation between virtual and physical space. With this theme in mind, the Biennale will seek to address of the time-based experience of spatial presentation. By gathering projects from internationally renowned artists, the Biennale will try to compile a global collection of digital images. Through consolidating films, videos and animations into a specific spatial experience, this can be seen as an extension of the traditional media based on the aforementioned new media. This also suggests how we should reflect on the reminiscence of these related traditions, nostalgia and modernity.

Opening at OCT LOFT in Shenzhen on December 3rd 2016, the 3rd Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale will consist of five main components: Animation in Space, Special Screening, Live Animation, Nominated New Works as well as Talk & Symposium.

空间中的动画 Animation in Space

空间中的动画,特展出动画(Moving Images)多维度概念于空间,从动画的初期概念分解出不同方向与线索,如算法动画,利用软件和计算模式生成的方式,不断衍生出动画的有机体。如动画和空间绘画、装置、灯光交互的,将内在空间与外部空间模糊的方式。如GIF动画所呈现的当下文化特征,及其基于简单图像逐格方式呈现的基于社群网络的方式。如关于生存、地缘等方面,深具想象力的动画预言,都是这个特别项目试图完成的方向。

Animation in Space strives to reveal the multi-dimensional concept of moving images in space. From the initial concept of animation, one can deduce various traces and clues such as algorithm animation, an organism that generates animation continuously through the use of software and computing methods. Another form of presentation can be the fusion of animation with space painting, installation, the use of lighting to create blurry internal and external space. One can also see the contemporary culture features presented by GIF animation as well as its simple images of single frame presentation that is rooted from the social network. Last but not least, this program hopes to attract works that are about survival, regional backgrounds or parables that are highly imaginative.

特别放映 Special Screening


Based on the concept of the use of single screen, the Special Screening program aims to reflect on the nature of animation in the same viewing experience and environment of cinema and moving image. Over the past five years, animation screening has become a popular practice of reverse experience — from art to cinema, moving image and artistic productions have gradually built a new way to experience cinema. Artists such as Qiu Anxiong, Yang Fudong, Gao Shiqiang and Sun Xun have expanded their understanding of cinema. Through the use of video gaming, animation, design and music video, artists are able to experiment and to explore a great deal with their artworks. That level of experimentation and exploration are hard to find in the mainstream movie production system.

动画与音乐 Live Animation


Combining animation with music creates a unique field, an audiovisual art and an impromptu art form of interactive animation. This field is filled with many talented individuals and places its emphasis over the on-site interaction with the audience, starting with digital medium, physical objects, lighting and integrating seamlessly with music. The fusion of animation and music is similar to an impromptu jazz performance, the live score played in old films and trance music played in clubs where young people mingle.

推荐展映 Nominated New Works

由推荐人直接推荐,评委、策展人和顾问共同筛选,最终形成放映。此项目主要征集来自2014年以来的作品,由老师、专家、策展人或艺术家推荐,并给出具体推荐理由,上传作品到baidu云盘,作品不小于720p(1280 X 720),原始长度。


深圳第三届独立动画双年展 Shenzhen 3rd Independent Animation Biennale
1、姓名/年龄/性别。2、个人近照(300dpi)肖像或工作室照片。3、个人简介100-150字。4、作品名称/媒介/年代/时长/格式等信息。5、作品简介100字。6、作品图片3-5张(300dpi)。7、作品视频,必须是原始长度,不小于720p(1280 X 720)。

Works produced after 2014 can be submitted directly to the Biennale on the basis of recommendation (please provide specific reasons for recommendation) from teachers, experts, curators and artists. They will be evaluated by jury members, curators and advisors and selected works will be screened during the Biennale. Please upload these works to Baidu Pan and their resolution should be at least 720p (1280 X 720) in their original length.

Please email your submissions to: szx3iab@foxmail.com

Please specify in subject (in both Chinese and English):

深圳第三届独立动画双年展 Shenzhen 3rd Independent Animation Biennale

1. Name, Age, Gender. 2. Personal Photo (300dpi) in portrait or studio photo. 3. Personal Biography (100-150 words). 4. Title of work, Medium, Production Year, Duration, Format. 5. Work Description (100 words). 6. 3-5 photos of work (300dpi). 7. Video format of work in its original length with resolution no smaller than 720p (1280 X 720).


讲与谈 Talk & Symposium


Talk & Symposium is a forum for all the participating artists, curators and groups to discuss specific issues related to animation such as the means of representation of feminism in animation, the relationship between animation and video gaming, the relationship between animation and music as well as the relationship between animation and the tradition of ink wash painting. It also seeks to build a discourse on the nature of the animation industry and the nature of independent animation production. Talk & Symposium strives to initiate in-depth dialogue between artists, curators and specific rule makers in order to discover independent spirits. Also, the development of technology has brought numerous changes to animation both in terms of time and of space. Through this retrospect at animation, Talk & Symposium hopes to make sense of the knowledge and ideas involved and their potential impact on the future of animation.


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