Han Fei 韩飞

Han Fei, born in 1974, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Graduated from the oil-painting department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1998. Then set up Century Dream Advertising Co., Ltd in 1998, which host multiple events with more than 10000 people involved. In the development of the company , he also promotes local culture of Guangzhou enthusiastically. His recent projects include:China-France Art Festival, The Giant Graffiti Project ,2015 ;Hack The City-the Vezel Avant Art Project,2015;Most Painting:the 2nd Chinese Youth Oil Painting Exhibition,2013;The Unseen:Fourth Guangzhou Triennial,the Grand View Project,2012 and so on .

1974年生于广州。1990年进入广州美院附中,1998年于广州美院油画系毕业后成立广州市世纪理想广告有限公司,带领该公司承办多场万人大型活动,几百场各类型活动及展览。在经营发展企业的同时,一直致力于本土文化事件的推广,推动过2015年即行变奏——缤智中国先锋艺术项目、正佳中法文化艺术节——正佳广场巨型涂鸦、2013年最绘画——第二届中国青年油画作品展、2012年第四届广州三年展“见所未见”之「正佳广场计划」、2008年“古穗倩影” 暨粤港澳百年老照片展、广州城建2000年等项目。