Pulp landscape III 低级景观3

Hu Weiyi [CN]

Kinetic installation with Video



Courtesy of Kelly Wang


Works “Pulp landscape III” continues the concept real time live cinema of “Pulp Landscape I” and “Pulp Landscape II”. In an old suitcase, three cameras shoot continuously on the objects which rotating on three turntables. The images that the cameras create are projected lively on the screen around the suitcase. The images will randomly switch, like “montage” in the movie. The shooting objects consist of childhood pictures of important people, for instance the photos of great men, celebrities, politicians, murderer or terrorists. Most of these children photo looks very cute and innocent, just like the present state of an ordinary child. Sometimes these images can’t let people into associated with their true identity. I print them on the acrylic glass, then cutting based on the shape, combined them with each other on the turntable. Finally I want them to show a prospect like a kindergarten where children play with each other. These natural and harmonious images obscure the real identity of these people, and the original relationships between these people. Historical narrative is deconstructed by the children’s play and start to tell a different story.

作品《低级景观III》延续了《低级景观I》和《低级景观II》的现场电影概念,在一个旧皮箱中,三个摄像头持续地拍摄三个圆盘上缓缓转动的物 体,实时地将拍摄到的画面传输给投影机并播放。画面会随机的切换,如同电影中的蒙太奇。 圆盘上的物体由我搜寻各类重要人物小时候的照片组成,如伟人、名人、政治家杀人犯或恐怖分子等等。这些图像上的孩子看上去天真烂漫,如同普 通小孩儿所呈现出的状态一样,有时无法让人联系到他们真实的身份。我将这些照片打印在亚克力玻璃上,并且按照形状进行切割,再根据人物的形 态动作相互结合,最后构建出一副如同幼儿园中小孩玩耍打闹的图景。这幅看上去非常自然和谐的图景模糊了原有这些人物的身份和他们之间的关系。历史的叙事被一群孩子的嬉戏打闹重新解构,并开始诉说不一样的故事。


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