Meeting 4D 与四维相会

Meeting 4D

Catherine Biocca [DE/IT]

Video installation


A: Unbelievable, I don’t get it. Hey, tell me, why do you do nothing?

B: Fuck off, no really I mean it, fuck off. Just shut up.

A: Well, why you do nothing? All day long you are so unoccupied.

B I know what I am doing and you please don’t interfear. Just fuck off.

A: Tell me, don’t you ask yourself why you are always just doing nothing?

B: Holy shit, I can’t believe that the only thing you are dealing with is what I am dealing with.

A: Don’t you feel the pressure to do something? Anything? You are just doing bullshit all day long,

no, actually not even bullshit, you are just doing nothing.

B: Take care of your own bullshit. Do I interfear in your stuff? do I tell you what to do? Do I ask

you why you do it? No, you see?

A: Unbelievable! I don’t get.

B: Just do something else. Turn around! It is annoying, you always look my way. I feel observed. I

cannot do anything private.

A: I am sorry but I don’t get it… how…?

B: Why don’t you drink a cup of tea, it will make you calm down. Maybe it is best if yoy have two

cups of tea. Or just call someone you didn’t talk to for long, that’s what people do. They call

someone and ask: how are you? What are you doing?

Geez, just call someone.

A: I just don’t get it.

B: Occupy yourself with something but not with what I am doing. I am occupied with what I am

occupied with and you please don’t occupy yourself with what I am doing!

A: That is just boring. Are you not bored doing nothing?

B: I am doing something, you just don’t know about it. I don’t tell everybody and expecially not you

what I am doing. That’s why you cannot know if I am doing nothing because I am not telling you.

A: I mean, it must be awfully boring to do nothing.

B: Don’t you have hobbies? You must have some hobies. You are always talking about being

occupied with something. You must love doing something. What are your hobbies? Tennis?

Cooking? Or…? What do I know…Are you collecting something?

A: Unbelievable, I don’t get it.

B: I don’t collect nothing, but usually people who have hobbies also collect something. Wouldn’t it

be perfect for you? You should start collecting something. Let me see… maybe you can collect…

well, I don’t know, but you will come up with something good. You are not stupid, are you?

Courtesy of Ginkgo Space


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