Zhou Xiaohu 周啸虎

Zhou Xiaohu (b. 1960, Changzhou) is a pioneer of video animation in China and one of the first artists to work sculpturally with this medium. Although originally trained as an oil painter, he began using computers as an artistic tool in 1998. As one of China’s most well-known most prolific contemporary artists, he specializes in inducing confusion and bafflement, making viewers question the evidence of their senses and their assumptions about the so-called ‘facts’. He has since experimented with stop-frame video animation, video installation and computer-gaming software, whereby the interlayering of images between moving pictures and real objects has become his signature style. Working across performance, photography, installation, sculpture, video, and animation, Zhou’s practice reflects the documentation of history in a digital age, where particular details become privileged, fabricated, altered, and/or omitted. Zhou’s recent shows include his participation in Tate Liverpool’s The Real Thing: Contemporary Art from China (2007) and solo-exhibitions at Long March Space in Beijing (2009-10) and at BizArt Center in Shanghai.

周啸虎(生于1960 年)是中国视频动画的先锋人物。最初他接受的是专业油画训练,自1998 年起,他开始用计算机进行艺术创作,并自此开始了实验定帧视频动画、视频装置以及计算机游戏等不同形式的创作。他的标志性风格是在移动影像和真实物体间创造出不同的图像层次。周啸虎的创作涉及表演、摄影、装置、雕塑、视频和动画。他的作品反映了数字时代中,历史——在其特定细节可能被放大、伪造、篡改和遗漏的情况下——是如何被记录的。他的作品曾在包括泰特(Tate,英国)、Performa(美国)等重要国际艺术机构或艺术项目中展出。


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