Bernd Schurer 伯恩特•舒尔

Bernd Schurer is an artist who mainly focuses on the work with sound in a variety of contexts. He has realized compositions and audio works for film, media and sound installations, as well as for the stage and he has realized one opera score, all of which cover a broad spectrum of distinct aesthetics. His main interest lies in conceiving systems, that are autonomous, interactive or self- contained, trough the use of digital- and computer aided techniques, mostly applying “experimental methods”, as well as a healthy dose of research, “skepticism” and daydreaming. He often collaborates closely across different media with other artists.His works have been staged internationally and have received some acclaim and rewards.

*Born 1970 in Zurich; Studies in Philosophy and Film Science at the University of Zuerich. Bachelor of Arts, Hochschule für Kunst und Gestaltung Luzern.

伯恩特·舒尔于1970年生于苏黎世。他在苏黎世大学学习哲学与电影学,并同时获得了艺术与设计学位。1996他与Marcus Maeder共同创办了domizil音乐厂牌,是一个关于数字声音作品的展示平台。他不仅为电影、媒体与声效装置而创作;他的创作还包括在戏剧配乐,以及任何与之相关的美学形式。伯恩特·舒尔与众多艺术家、不同媒体合作密切,他的作品在国际上已广受好评。


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