Ed Fornieles 艾德•弗奈立


A post-internet artist using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram as raw materials, Fornieles collapses the distinction between the online and the offline worlds by translating web-based art into sculpture and performance. A former data analyst, Fornieles uses real-time information from news feeds and social media to explore contemporary power structures, all with an underlying satire and excess. His so-called “Facebook sitcom,” Dorm Daze, created Facebook profiles for three fictional characters who interacted based on general instructions from the artist, resulting in an organic, engagement-based, content-generating performance. The artist called Dorm Daze an act of “social media terrorism” for the way his fictional profiles ever-so-slightly corrupted Facebook’s analytics and data. Similarly, Fornieles’s “Modern Family” series questions aspirational home decor and contemporary notions of domestic bliss, using interior objects to reflect, represent, and refresh familial stereotypes and the American Dream.


British, b. 1983, Petersfield, England, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom and Los Angeles, California

身为一名利用脸书、推特、汤博乐和Instagram进行艺术创作的后互联网时代的艺术家,弗奈立善于将互联网艺术转化为雕塑和表演,抚平线上和线下世界之间的差异。弗奈立曾担任信息分析员,他收集来自网路上的新闻提要和社交媒体的实时资讯,透过讽刺和夸张的手法去探讨当下的权利结构。他创作的所谓“脸书情境喜剧”《宿舍的昏眩》(Dorm Daze),为三位虚构的人物各自建立他们的脸书账号,让他们在脸书上根据他的指示进行互动,从而形成一场建基于互动、内容生产和有机艺术的表演。弗奈立认为这个作品是发生在“社交媒体上的恐怖主义行动”,因为他虚构的人物确实对脸书的分析工具和可收集的信息产生了影响。与之相似的作品还有他的《摩登家庭》(Modern Family) 系列,弗奈立借此作品质疑人民梦寐以求的家居布置和当代社会提出的幸福家庭的概念,利用室内的陈设去反思、再现和重塑一些关于家庭的陈旧观念以及美国梦。



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