Hu Weiyi 胡为一

Hu Weiyi is a young new media artist currently living and working in Shanghai. After graduating from the China Academy of Art in 2013, he continued his studies as a Master’s student in at the School of Intermedia Art under the tutelage of Zhang Peili. Perhaps due to his youth, his work is permeated with explorations of the unknown, grappling with life’s sorrows, and curiosity about natural and bodily injury, such as the Low Landscape series or 14mins. He recently transitioned from a stage of grammatical imitation to more of a self-reflective grammatical mould. As a rising star of new media art, he has gradually evolved into a more introspective mode of working. Hu Weiyi has managed to master an ever-changing motif, that is, he has gone from internal and intimate contemplation to a more direct expression of his understanding of this world. Hu Weiyi explores the relationship between randomness and nature, reverses it via subjective expression while presupposing the audience’s trajectory. Like many seasoned artists, he has a mastery of space, the conceptual, and the external extension of information. His recent exhibitions include: “Flirt”, a solo exhibition at M50 Art Space in Shanghai in 2014, Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum’s inaugural exhibition “COSMOS” also in 2014, The 2nd “CAFAM Future” Exhibition and the “No Express” exhibition at the UCCA Pavilion in 2015.

胡为一是一位现工作和生活于上海的年轻新媒体艺术家,在2013年毕业于中国美术学院后,他继续在中国美术学院跨媒体艺术学院攻读导师张培力的硕士研究生。可能因为年轻,他的工作充满对未知的探索,对生命中那些忧伤的把握,对自然和身体伤害的好奇,既表现在作品中,如他的《低级景观》系列或《14mins》。他正在从一种语法的模仿阶段,走向自我语法的塑造,从一个新媒体艺术新星,逐渐转型为更加自我内省的工作状态,胡为一很好的把握了这一转变的主体,也就是从内在的思考和内心,更直接的表达出对这个世界的理解。胡为一将随机性和自然生成的关系,扭转为主观表达,并预设了观众的轨迹。如同很多成熟艺术家,很好的把握了空间、概念和对外延伸的信息。他近期的展览包括2014年于上海M50 Art Space举办个展”Flirt”,同年参加上海二十一世纪民生美术馆开馆展“多重宇宙”,2015年参加第二届CAFAM未来展和同年在尤伦斯当代艺术中心悦廊举办个展“两点之间没有直线”。


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