– the character of something like „time based non places“ is like a shortcut (Wormhole) in the „space-time-continuum“
– it is an anomaly and a special place of transition (Marc Auge’s Non-places)
– the visual representation is defined by the element of light – in itself a medium defined movement over time in space. (we think here of different possibilities)
– spatial installations will represent the character of a gate, tunnel, deformed by movement and time. (sketches below need this adaptation to be processed).

关键词:时间/无间 (空间)
– 通过空间的折叠便可以穿越时间
– 光是测量时间的尺,并能让时间具体化
– 一个折叠的空间可以代表一个时间点,或者代表一个艺术家。
– 这个空间可以用连续不断投射在室内的光来表示,也可以用Info box的形式表示。
– 这个折叠的空间可以重复的延续下去(也可也是不同的颜色)形成一个连续的空间,没有开头也没有结尾,因为它是整体的一部分。
– 当我们穿过这个空间,在得到讯息的同时也穿越了时空。

Prespace Architects, Berlin
Prespace Architects is formed by Alexander G. Glaser and Choco H. Zhang in Berlin, Germany.

Our projects span from furniture design, private homes and cultural spaces to corporate architecture and urban design.
Besides beautiful and functional aspects, architectural design for us means furthermore the adequate integration of culture, customs and local conditions into our artistic expression.
Coming from two distinct and strong cultural backgrounds, we combine european and asian influences in our works.

Choco Heng Zhang
Member of the Architects Association Berlin, enlisted as architect + interior designer

2005 master’s degree, graduation in “Interior Design” at the University of Mainz, School of Design and recipient of the „Rhine-Westphalia” honors scholarship.
2009 master’s degree graduation in „Architecture and Design” at Stuttgart State Academy of Arts
2005-2010 worked in Germany and China all types of architectural projects
Since 2010 partner at Prespace Architects in Berlin.

Alexander G. Glaser
Member of the Architects Association Thüringen, enlisted as architect

2004 master’s degree, graduation in „Architecture“ at Bauhaus University Weimar Participant in „Waseda Bauhaus School“ by Waseda University in Japan and in the European Erasmus exchange program at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.
2004-2009 worked in Portugal and Germany.
Since 2010 partner at Prespace Architects in Berlin

柏林 预空间 建筑事务所
“预空间建筑事务所“ 由亚历山大• 格拉斯和张恒 于2010年在柏林共同组建。
集合家具设计,室内设计,建筑设计,城市规划设计为一体。我们结合东西方的设计理念与面向未 来的思考方式,使建筑设计在美观和实用的基础上,成为一种结合文化,习俗,并因地制宜的策略。


2005年获德国美因茨大学设计学院 (Hochschule Mainz) “室内与建筑”硕士学位。 其间获“莱茵州优等生“奖学金。2009年获德国斯图加特国立艺术学院 (Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart ) “建筑与设计”硕士学位。 2005-2010年参与德国和申国的各类建筑设计项目。

亚历山大 • 格拉斯

2004年获德国“包豪斯大学”(Bauhaus Universität)“建筑与城市规划”硕士学位。 其间参与日本“早稻田大学包豪斯设计学院”的交流学习项目和荷兰“ 代尔夫特理工大学”的交换生计划。 2004-2010年在德国和葡萄牙的建筑事务所工作。


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